Slutty cheerleader with plump boobs gets fucked in the men’s shower after a match

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The busty slut Peta Jensen really hoped that in the amateur team of her small town there would be real men with a dick up to the knee who could fuck her properly after another victory, however, chubby men playing in a team can only jerk off on the sly and never dare to take possession of such a busty beauty like her – which cannot be said about a real rugby player – a young, pumped-up coach who immediately understood what exactly had to be done with this slutty slut. Taking her to the men’s locker room and tearing off all the remaining clothes from her, he dragged her into the shower and showed how it was done in front of all the team – he fucked the lascivious bitch as deeply as possible, twirling her in all positions and putting her on his mighty kukan

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