Lonely Ebony Housewife Kiki Minaj Roughly Fucked By Burglar

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The busty dark-skinned girl has already parted with her boyfriend for half a year and her pussy is rebelling, demanding that she be immediately fucked as hard as possible, and right in the middle of the night. The swarthy cutie phoned all her friends, acquaintances, friends of distant acquaintances, inviting everyone to come and stupidly fuck her like a dirty slut, not sparing her hole, however, stupid guys refused the half-fucked poor thing, leaving her to fall asleep in a cold bed … The girl woke up from the sound of a beaten glasses and going downstairs, she saw a robber in a mask. The girl was terribly frightened, but still it was a man … a real, fuck a MAN! Real, not from a dream, with a big and working member between her legs – the mulatto wanted sex with an unfamiliar man so badly without obligation that she left her hiding place and threatening the police, forced the guy to fuck her as hard as possible

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